• The Bizarre Bazaar

    November 30, 2017 | Admin
  • By Alison Hill, the-eye.wales and Ms.Horror.com
    At TAF we talk about writing, we listen to talks by writing experts, and we advise each other on writing. And folks here do all types of writing – nonfiction writing, fiction writing, short writing, long writing, article writing, copywriting … we’re as versatile as Bubba Gump’s shrimp.

    But once in a while we lay down our mighty pens (or electronic devices) and do something completely different, like buying and selling for instance.

    And so this month instead of sitting around gabbing about writing we held our first TAF bazaar. It was the brainchild of Don Vaughan, our fearless leader, who thought that it would be a good idea and a nice change of pace. Members with goods and services to offer brought them to the last meeting of the year and presented them for sale as holiday gifts.

    Vendors set up on side tables at the usual venue, ready to lure in fellow Taffies and Taffettes with their irresistible wares. The eclectic mix of items for sale ranged from books, mugs and handmade soap, to certificates for tarot card readings, eBook formatting, vintage magazines and hand-hammered brass angels. Our talents here at TAF reach far beyond just writing!

    TAF members wrote most of the books on offer – including romance novels, a coffee table book on amazing festivals, a book on caregiving and healing, several writing guides, the Canadian version of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and many more.

    “I sold two things and made a grand total of $13,” said one vendor who shall remain anonymous. “Now I’m all set for Christmas,” she added with a grin.

    “I bought some of that gorgeous smelling soap,” said a happy shopper, clutching her colorful polka dot paper bag. “This will make a great stocking stuffer.”

    The evening went well, vendors made a little extra cash and shoppers clearly enjoyed browsing the stalls, chatting with authors about their books, and buying unique handmade items that make the perfect gift.

    And as I used to be a reporter on a rural, weekly newspaper, it would be remiss of me not to end this piece with: ‘and a good time was had by all.’

    Join us – you know you want to!