• TAF Barbeque A Seasonal Hit

    November 16, 2017 | Admin
  • By Janice Leagra, janiceleagra.com and voxlaurus.com

    In October, Don and Nan Vaughan hosted a TAF barbecue at their Raleigh home. This event replaced the annual Christmas party this year, allowing for a less hectic holiday schedule for all. It was a fun-filled afternoon for TAF members and their families, with beautiful weather and a lovely breeze under the shade of the mighty oaks in the Vaughans' front yard.

    I was excited to attend and meet fellow TAF members' families. Soon after the gathering started, adults and children alike were entertained by lawn games. Members who hadn't met prior to the barbecue had a chance to socialize and converse comfortably inside or outdoors. We enjoyed Don's delicious grilled-to-order hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and healthy veggie burgers. Many brought their own favorite side dish or dessert to share with the crowd. It truly felt like a family celebration.

    "I enjoyed introducing my husband, Edge, to folks he’s heard about over the years." -Tara Minter

    "What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and thanks for always making my hubby feel welcome." -Nancy Lee Badger

    "I had a wonderful time. What a lovely, friendly bunch of people." -Chanah Wizenburg

    "For the lovely party, great people, great time ... thank you, Don, for playing badminton with me, and thank you Nan for giving me the jalapeños." -Ana Sapkaliska

    "We must do this more often!" -Alison Hill

    "Still recovering from the great desserts." -Drew and Diana Becker

    TAF prides itself on its members' collaborative and supportive philosophy, and events like this help us live up to it. Not only are we able to learn more about each other, we are all able to pitch in to make a great event like this possible. My husband and son talked about the fun they had at the barbecue, and I was grateful to get to know my fellow freelancers and their families better in an informal, relaxing setting.