Q: What is TAF?
A: TAF is an acronym for Triangle Association of Freelancers, a group of professional freelance writers based in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Q. How many members does TAF have?
A: TAF currently has more than 70 active members.

Q. What is TAF’s mission?
A. To network and to provide advice, encouragement and information to area freelancer writers. We also mentor those new to the profession.

Q. What kinds of writing are TAF members involved in?
A. The majority of TAF members write nonfiction magazine articles and books. However, many also write fiction, personal essays, newspaper columns
and more.

Q. Is TAF affiliated with the North Carolina Writers Network?
A. No. However, the two organizations have a cordial working relationship, and often promote each other’s activities and events.

Q. How do TAF members stay in touch?
A. TAF members stay in touch via an invitation-only Google group, the organization’s website and through monthly meetings.

Q. When and where does TAF meet?
A. TAF currently meets on the last Wednesday of every month (except December) at Red Hot & Blue, 6615 Falls of Neuse Rd. in North Raleigh, starting at 7 p.m.

Q. Are TAF meetings open to the public?
A. Yes. TAF meetings are open to all professional (i.e. working) freelance writers in the Raleigh/Durham/Cary/Chapel Hill region. Beginning writers are also welcome.

Q. Does TAF charge for membership?
A. Yes, annual dues are $12. Membership provides access to the organization’s invitation-only Google group, promotion on the Members page of the TAF website, and a substantial discount to TAF’s annual spring nonfiction writers’ conference.

Q. Does TAF ever host guest speakers at its meetings?
A. Yes, several prominent area writers and other industry professionals have spoken at TAF meetings. See the What Is TAF? page for more information on previous guest speakers.

Q. Can I be a guest speaker?
A. TAF is always interested in hearing from individuals who have a unique perspective on writing and publishing. If you would like to be considered as a guest speaker, please contact one of the Principal Contacts.

Q. I’m interested in having a professional writer talk to my group/organization. Can TAF help?
A. Many TAF members are available for speaking engagements, and offer lectures on a variety of topics. For further information, contact one of the Principal Contacts.

Q. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. How should I start?
A. Beginning writers are encouraged to write as much as possible, and to read industry publications such as Writer’s Digest, The Writer and Writer’s Market, an annual publication that lists thousands of freelance markets, and also contains helpful advice for beginners. In addition, TAF founder Donald Vaughan offers an occasional course on Freelance Writing for Beginners through Wake Technical Community College. (Contact the college for information on Vaughan’s next class.) Courses on creative writing and other forms of writing are also available through Wake Tech and other area colleges.

Q. I’m a beginning writer. Would TAF be willing to edit/critique my work?
A. Sorry, no. While TAF is always encouraging of beginning writers, its members are simply too busy with their own work to have time for outside critiques. However, individuals who are serious about pursuing freelance writing are encouraged to attend TAF’s monthly meetings, as well as its annual nonfiction writing conference,  for professional insight, information and guidance.